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Can we buy sex dolls?

As long as you don’t break the law, you can still buy it, because many countries now ban the import of 100cm sex dolls, because they are worried that children will be hurt, but more than 140cm can still be purchased.

Many people are worried about whether the courier or neighbor knows what they bought after the purchase? Or if you are not at home, will the big box people be curious? These problems are actually thought in many people’s minds.

If you are worried that the package sent to your home (apartment) is too big, it will attract the attention of others. You can write your own site. The package does not show what you have purchased, the courier does not know, the neighbor does not know. 

Another question is, is it a kind of ‘metamorphic’ behavior when I buy sex dolls? No, I can be absolutely sure that this is not a metamorphosis. There are many reasons for buying sex dolls, and it is impossible to completely deny that these are “perverted” behaviors.

Some are because of the sexual desire to satisfy, it is really a good way to find sex dolls when looking for sex workers; some don’t dare to communicate with others, but they want to try to have sex, so buying sex dolls can be more experienced; some are because The other half died, filled with the pain in my heart, etc. Are these all abnormal behaviors?

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sex doll

Why is she crazy about obsessive sex dolls?

Want the biggest chest, the sexiest lips and the thinnest waist, this is probably the devil figure that any woman is yearning for. But why are women even so crazy about obsessive sex dolls?
The answer is that the sex doll has the most enviable devil figure of the woman, the proud and straight chest, and the slim waist curve plus the pair of straight long legs.
Sex dolls, both men and women, are enviable. For this reason, people put what they want to have on the sex dolls, making up for the perfect figure that many people yearn for.

In fact, instead of doing surgery for cosmetic dolls, it is better to start from their own perspective. Long-term cosmetic surgery not only destroys your body organs but the more you look at it, the more unsightly it is. The cosmetic surgery will make you addicted and always feel unsatisfied.
All in all, sex dolls are perfect, irreplaceable perfection, but we are energetic and vital. As long as you are confident, you will have beauty.


Why are people always surprised when they mention sex dolls every time?

Why is this?
From our cognitive dolls, it was the inflatable doll at that time. Although the inflatable doll was cheap, it was easy to blast and the appearance was very bad. It is often reported who is doing something in public with an inflatable doll, so this has been reported many times, which has made people less likely to like to hear about sex dolls.
Another reason is that sex dolls are only used to vent their sexual desire, and some people’s thoughts are very conservative. Sex dolls are a shame for them.
There are also some people who believe that people who buy sex dolls have ‘perverted behavior’ in their hearts. In fact, this kind of cognition is wrong. It cannot be said that all people who buy sex dolls are perverted. Like the current sex dolls, they are exactly the same as real people, some can even be customized, some are because they have lost their other half, choose this way to understand their own thoughts; some are because they are afraid to communicate with others, they use this way to solve themselves. Lonely; some people choose the doll because the other half can’t give their sexual desire. There are many reasons for this. I still want to say that people who have sex dolls are not necessarily perverted.

sex doll

How to choose a doll?

When I write this article, perhaps you will be attracted to a certain word, or perhaps attracted by my content, I tell you, I will tell you how to buy a doll and how to store it.
If you know this and buy a sex doll, you can also look at it. Don’t think that the word sex doll is very memorable. In fact, these are very common things.
 As for how to buy, I have five methods of discrimination:

  1. Choose a regular platform to buy
  2. When buying, be sure to check the product reviews to see what the reaction is after the other people use it.
  3. The quality is best to choose TPE material because this material does not harm the skin, it does not hurt the human body.
  4. It is best to buy a removable vagina because it will be convenient when you wash it.
  5. It is best to buy a standable type because most of the time you also want to stand up the doll. The standable doll has some skeletons on its feet that are easy to stand up and will not break. There is nothing on the feet of non-standing dolls. If standing for a long time is easy to be destroyed, it is very difficult for you to repair.

  6. Storage:
  7. If you want to store your doll well, remember to clean it after use. Don’t think it’s as simple as washing with water. You have to wipe the water clean. Because most of the sex dolls now contain a metal skeleton, especially where the lower body is. Because some dolls are not the movable vagina, they are easy to touch the metal skeleton. If you do not dry the water all the time, it is very likely to rust. The final result can be thought of.
  8. Place in a dry place, such as the bottom of the bed, wardrobe, etc.

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What is the reason that sex dolls are so popular?

Sexual dolls are high-end adult products in the eyes of most people. Because the appearance is close to humans, the skin of the whole body is close to the human texture. Since the invention of this silicone doll in Japan, all kinds of sex dolls have dazzled you. The prices of major sales platforms and independent websites are more numerous. You will definitely be troubled by your choices. The sex dolls are not expensive, or the comments are not good.
In fact, more people are interested in sex dolls, the most important thing is ‘price’. Why do you say that? Things like brand names are always what people dream of, just because the price is expensive, they are not very popular, and so are sex dolls.

I did a survey and found that there are a lot of dolls for buying 100 cm. Why? The first is that the price is relatively low, generally not more than 500 US dollars, the cheapest is more than 100 US dollars; Secondly, it is very good to store and store, because it is very small, so it is easy to hide and not be known by others; finally, people are most worried about the problem: (Pedophilia)
This has led many countries to ban the import of small dolls because it is a terrible thing to worry that those who are pedophiles will put things on the dolls and eventually achieve them in children. If the quality is a little better, the price will be very expensive. This is beyond doubt. The average office worker says that there are not many wages in the real world. Buying a sex doll is the general salary of those office workers. Buying a cheap price, and worry about quality problems, after all, a penny. Then why are these sex dolls still welcome?
That is because those who dare not find a prostitute to realize their own desires, thus selective dolls; do not dare to communicate with others, are selective dolls; the love for those who die will be selective dolls; those who dare not talk about the heart will Selective dolls, etc.
Sexual dolls are not just the ‘sexual love’ in people’s minds. In fact, they are just the sustenance of people’s hearts.
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What do the sex dolls of the ages look like?

TPE sex doll

Modern inflatable dolls first appeared in Germany and Japan in the late 1930s, initially used primarily for military purposes, and Japan was used in naval submarines. The inflatable dolls at that time appeared in the environment of only men and made people sexually liberated. In the 1950s, inflatable dolls were sold as sex toys on the German market, and their designs even inspired Ruth Handler to create girls’ childhood playmates – Barbie dolls.

In the 1970s, the typical inflatable doll first appeared in Japan; in the 1990s, the texture of the inflatable doll was closer to the real skin, but it was still hard to tie. In the same period, some manufacturers tried to make dolls with bones, and the product effect was not satisfactory.

In 2000, the shape of the doll produced in Japan was fake and the touch was close to the real skin. As a revolution in the history of sex products, the invention of inflatable dolls has given sex products new life. Inflatable dolls were invented during the war. During World War II, in order to prevent German soldiers from engaging in the “non-Aryanian bloodline” of the 5th district, the sexually transmitted diseases were spread in the Nazi army. The Nazi leader Hitler personally appointed the SS commander Himmler to secretly develop a kind of Inflatable dolls with similar physiological structures in women are used to solve the urgent needs of the German army. Hitler also put forward very specific requirements for this inflatable doll. “She must have all the sexy appearances of the young girl, specifically, white skin, golden hair, blue eyes, the height of 1.76 meters. , thick lips and plump chest.” However, the plan was seen as the top-secret plan because the Allies bombed the Dresden, where the processing plant for inflatable dolls was located. After the United States copied the plan in the Vietnam War, it provided a large number of inflatable dolls for the frontline American soldiers and won the praise of the soldiers.

Here is also about how ancient contraception is used.

click here:Ancient people are actually such contraception!


Sex dolls you don’t know about

What you don’t know is, do you know how to choose a sex doll? What quality is better?

First of all, when you open this online sex doll website, you will find that there are many kinds of sex dolls that dazzle you, yes! You will also find that there are also many websites that specialize in the doll industry. How do you choose?

1. First, go to some more trusted websites, such as this: ulovesexdoll, the price is much cheaper than the average website, and there will be some doll discounts every month, which is quite reasonable for people with general consumption levels. of.

2. Second, what do you know about the material of the doll, like the best material is TPE, then silicone, both of which are better, remember, do not choose inferior products.

3. Then, whether the interior of the doll contains a metal skeleton, the advantage of the metal skeleton is that you can swing the doll into the posture you want. There are some inferior products, the metal will rust after a long time, seriously affecting your feelings in use.

4. Look at the comments, comments are more critical. If there are more bad reviews, it is almost unnecessary to buy. If all is praise, you have to see what those people commented on, see what you accept, what You are not accepting it.

5. Generally, it is a confidential form, and your information will not be displayed on the outer packaging so you can rest assured.