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Sex Doll Celine

Sweet, soft and voluptuous is this blonde French girl from the valley of River Marne – where champagne comes from. The high-latitude terroir (soil) doesn’t just raise grapes for the most expensive sparkling wines in the world; it also rears amazing examples of French beauties like Celine, who rival the local champagne in fizz and bubbliness. Nineteen-year-old Celine grew up in a vineyard, and her discerning palate in wine is only rivaled by her refined taste in men.

Blessed with a voluptuous body with full thighs, luscious breasts and a pussy as ripe as a pinot noir champagne grape, this girl is definitely ready for picking…

Sexuellement excité, anybody?

sex doll

sex doll

Exploring male and female sexual depression

It is a prerequisite for good sex to be fully prepared before intimacy, and sometimes it will add more fun to your sex! What do you need to prepare before exploring the intimacy of men and women?

1.Sexy lingerie

Want to surprise him from time to time? May wish to prepare some sexy equipment, such as sexy underwear, thongs, to ensure that he immediately went crazy. Of course, if you twist your body sexy and make seductive moves, it will make him even more mad. Generally speaking, men prefer silk or cloth, and they like the soft and comfortable feel.

2, psychological preparation

First of all, you can have some sexual fantasies, imagine his figure, imagine his appearance, or imagine his role … In short, you can imagine what makes you blush and heart; adjust your mood to ensure that you can perform normally Sex life. When having sex, relax your body and bring yourself into it completely, without interfering with other emotions.

  1. Blindfold props

Close your eyes and eat more to enjoy the true taste of food. Blind his eyes with a scarf and tie and other props! Then use different parts of your body to stimulate him, such as letting your hair tickle his chest, letting you bump his lips and so on, so that he can “taste” your body in a concentrated way. Will make him feel more excited.

4, to ensure the health of private parts

Before having sex, you must clean your body and ensure that there is no odor in your private area.

  1. Condoms

If you don’t want children yet, be sure to prepare condoms in advance and prepare a few more to prevent them from breaking.

6, sex toys

If you want to increase sexual pleasure, you can also prepare some sex toys, such as jumping eggs, lubricants, etc.

7, take the initiative

Sex should be a matter for two people, and should not be fully controlled by men. Sometimes women also need to take the initiative and take the initiative to attack, which can also bring other passions.

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What are the factors that affect female sexuality in life

Sexual life is an activity that both men and women often engage in. However, because of the physical differences, the desire of men and women to treat sexual life is also very different. Men are generally more emotional, and they will surrender with a little tease. What about women? What are the factors of female sexual desire?

When watching TV dramas, Xiaobian once watched such a scene: a man can’t wait to go home from work, climb up to bed, push his wife who sleeps next to him, and want to “love,” but his wife doesn’t seem to have much sexual desire, and in a hurry, Men fall asleep and fall asleep; so why? In theory, women’s sexual abilities are almost unlimited. She doesn’t need to go to great lengths to produce and maintain an erection like a man. In particular, women have no physical refractory period and no weakness after sexual life. Therefore, she can objectively perform high-frequency intercourse life at any time. But why aren’t women in the show? I believe many people are equally skeptical. When are women’s sexual abilities the strongest? In other words, when are women most eager for intercourse? Let’s take a look together.

First of all, I think that this seasonal change particularly affects sexual desire. It is believed that the number of sexual lives of many people will be reduced a lot in the cold winter. At this stage of the summer season, especially on the 7-12 days after menstruation, the female brain secretes The luteinizing hormone of the body can cause ovulation, so that women’s sexual desire is maintained at a high level all day long. Women’s energy is most vigorous at this time, and they are prone to spring hearts. In addition, before menstrual cramps, she was particularly eager for intercourse.

Secondly, there is a good atmosphere and special environment. Under these conditions, I think women are very eager to have sex. For example, when driving to the countryside, romance is exciting and exciting. In a fresh environment, it is easier to evoke desire. In addition, occasionally creating an ambiguous atmosphere in the home is also easy to make both sides very excited. In particular, after experiments, women are more likely to have sexual fantasies and sexual desires in purple environments and produce unexpectedly good results.

The third is that the more stressed women are, the more they desire sex. Everyone also feels ashamed of this, but this result was learned experimentally by experts. I believe this result should be reflected for most women. The reason why this is said is because sexual psychology researchers call people The more busy you work during the day, the greater the stress, and the easier it is to lose sleep at night. The most effective way to relieve fatigue and prevent insomnia is to have a passionate sex. After a busy day, they are more eager for sex and hope to release pressure through sex. Get comfort. I think this explanation is also reasonable and reasonable.

Finally, from the physiological period, I believe that many people know that, physiologically, the peak of sexual desire in men is around 20 years old, and in their 30s and 40s, sexual desire will gradually become flat, and sexual abilities will begin. Gradually go downhill. And when many women are in their 30s and 40s, their sexual desire often goes uphill, forming a clear contrast with men. Folks often use the ridiculous tone of “like a wolf like a tiger” to describe women at this stage. In fact, the rise of women’s eroticism during this period has its physical and psychological basis and is completely normal. During this period, the number of women craving for sex has increased significantly.

In general, the editor of the wholesale agency of adult products thinks that no matter what kind of situation, everyone must always maintain good sexual abilities, especially diet, must follow the principle of health and not hurt, usually exercise must be Perseverance is the only way to enjoy a good sex life at any time.

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sex doll

Singapore strip show contest to showcase sex toys to stimulate fertility

Local time, Singapore’s first Sex Expo opens. Due to the “too hot” and safety issues, some sex toys will not be eligible to be displayed locally.
Old-fashioned Singapore has given way to low fertility rates. According to the British “Daily Telegraph” report, Singapore held the first “sex fair” to launch a strip dance contest to showcase sex toys.
The three-day Singapore Sex Exhibition opened in a warm and tense atmosphere. Gorgeous dancers in exposed dresses danced pole dancing in the lobby, attracting many audiences to take pictures. The exhibition set up a variety of sex products zone, exhibition toys and sex furniture to cultivate the atmosphere. But the police who are constantly on the tour in various exhibition areas remind people at all times: be careful and pay attention to convergence. Especially in the booth labeled “Bedroom Area”, all young people under the age of 21 were stopped outside the door.

Sexual exhibitions are the first of their kind in the conservative and old-fashioned Singapore. Whether or not to approve the sex fair has hesitated the Singapore government for two months, but finally submitted a conditional consent. First, the exhibition must be closely monitored by the police to ensure that there is no derailment. Sex equipment and other toys that mimic human organs on site must be medium in size, and any “behemoth” is strictly prohibited.

Singapore government explicitly prohibits “sale, distribution, display, export of any obscene articles”, declaring that pornography and homosexuality violate the law. But this time the authorities made concessions in the face of serious population problems. In the past 10 years, the fertility rate of Singapore’s population has plummeted. Last year, the fertility rate for each woman in Singapore was 1.24, while the natural population regeneration rate was 2.1. In this year’s global sex life survey report, Singaporeans have the second lowest sex life frequency, only 73 times per year.

In order to increase the birth rate of the population, the Singapore government has become the “Social Development Agency”, which is actually the “Dating Agency”. The government publishes free marriage advertisements for unmarried men and women, serving as matchmaking for the elderly.

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Economic Crisis Leads to Slow Sales of French "Sex Toys"

Industry insiders recently pointed out at the “Paris Erotic Salon Exhibition” that as the global economic crisis continues, many consumers “tighten their pockets”, and the consumption of “sex toys” and other sex products has also decreased.

Visitors don’t cut down

At the “Paris Appeal Salon Show” regularly held in France, participating sellers have stated that this year’s revenue is far from good as in previous years. This exhibition is organized by a sex industry company in France. It has repeatedly held the same type of salons throughout France. This salon is said to be the largest of its kind in the world.

This salon charges 30 euros for each attendee. Although the number of participants in this salon has not decreased, the sales volume has dropped a lot year-on-year. “We are affected by the financial crisis. We are not in the automotive industry. Of course, sales have not decreased by 50%, but the financial crisis has already adversely affected us.” Said Eric Hennick, the organizer of the salon.

He said that compared with last year, the number of participants has not decreased, and many adults will browse those sex toys as usual.

“Our turnover this year has fallen by about 30% compared to last year,” said a dealer Berner Montage. “Of course, this is due to the impact of the economic crisis. In the past, when a customer came, we would recommend several products to them. They usually bought at least two to three. But now, they often only buy one, or whatever. Do not buy. “He added.

2.2 million unemployed in France

Affected by the economic crisis, France’s economic growth has been declining, and the unemployment rate has been rising. In the fourth quarter of last year, the unemployment rate in France reached 8.2%. So far, the total number of unemployed people in France has increased to about 2.2 million. Many French unions have also indicated that a new strike is brewing. All signs show that the French economy is in its most difficult period in 30 years.

But for some consumers, they think that the economic crisis has had little impact on the sex industry. “When you are unemployed and cannot go out, you have to find some fun for yourself at home.” A tourist named Julie said she pointed out that her expenses were not affected by the financial crisis.

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Sex toys have become the new favorite of middle school students

8 yuan for male genitals and 18 yuan for female breasts.—A gift shop outside a middle school sells male and female sex organ toys made of rubber, which has become a new favorite of students. Many students buy them to play or send friends, especially male students like to play pranks. Buy this toy for girls.

If such a thing happens, of course, we can stand on the level of morality and social responsibility and make all kinds of accusations against manufacturers and businesses.

But it should also be seen that whether it is sex toy producers or sellers, they are looking for business opportunities and chasing profits without violating the current law. This is understandable. Moreover, whether walking on the street or turning on the newspaper and turning on the TV, all kinds of sexual advertisements are full of our sight and hearing. Even without the emergence of sex toys, middle school students can easily obtain a lot of low-level and vulgar from other channels. Information, which affects them to make correct judgments on objective things.

Obviously, why sex toys become business opportunities and how to eliminate the soil that breeds this phenomenon is more worthy of our thinking than sex toys themselves.

It is undeniable that in China, sexual education for middle school students was once an insurmountable restricted area. Although the gate of the restricted area has been opened in recent years, it is still “semi-hidden”. Under the constraint of habitual thinking, the popularization of sexual knowledge Only staying on the superficial and superficial level, the substantive issues are often deliberately avoided and cast a mysterious color. Students will not learn more about sexuality in the classroom than outside the classroom.

In this way, middle school students in the development stage, on the one hand, are curious about sexual knowledge, on the other hand, they are dazed by little knowledge, they will be particularly sensitive to all things related to sex, especially stimulating, and in the “rebellious” psychological Under the action, it is easy to cause various bad behaviors.

May wish to imagine that if middle school students can get a more comprehensive, correct and healthy sexual knowledge education from books, classrooms and families, if they are educated enough to allow them to consciously resist the temptation of low-level tastes off campus Will there be such a strong interest in sex toys? Similarly, if students can truly understand the principles of caring for others, respect others, and can properly handle the relationship between the opposite sex and normal friendship, will they still be so prank, using sex toys to tease or humiliate opposite sex friends or classmates?

We can even ask ourselves, when students stare at the world around them with curiosity, as their teachers, have we fulfilled our responsibility to educate people, have we warned them that everything in the world has nutrients that nourish their spiritual growth, There are also toxins that harm their mental development, thereby helping to strengthen their immunity and resistance?

Langzhong students are in a special period full of curiosity. How to properly guide their curiosity is a serious topic that cannot be avoided. When sex toys flood the market and become the new darling of middle school students, we can criticize manufacturers for their moral conscience, and we can blame businesses for their profit, but more and more important, we should seriously review ourselves.

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Meet fans and their desire to be intimate

​The famous black rapist who sang “Earn Rich or Die” in the United States revealed his plan in an interview with the British “Mirror” a few days ago. According to himself, he will first launch a waterproof female masturbation oscillator made to the actual size of his “lifeblood”, and a series of condoms named after him, in this way to satisfy female fans Their desire to make them feel closer to idols, “I feel it is necessary to release a ’50 points’ condom product and a female masturbation oscillator that is exactly the same as my lifeblood, regardless of shape or size. And, the latter must be waterproof so that you can use it in the bathroom! I like blue the most, so this masturbator is likely to be this color. The only problem now is: I am afraid many men will be unhappy. I think most men are definitely not happy to see their women masturbating with an oversized dildo. “

“However, although many men will be unhappy, I don’t care about them. I just want to make something that is popular with women and can bring more happiness to them!”

In addition, the singer who “sings while performing well” just recently “shocked” has set his sights on the publishing industry and set up his own book distribution company G-Unit. According to 50 points himself, he hopes that the establishment of this book distribution company will bring hope and attention to the so-called “street novels” and gradually gain the mainstream society’s approval.

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sex doll

"Sex Week" Discusses "101 Sex Toys"

According to US media reports, every student at Yale University received an email last week entitled “Sex Week: Yale’s Celebration of the Secrets of Sex and Sex”. Yale University kicked off the talk of sex weeks.

Sex Week claims on its promotional website that it is “uncommon on university campuses in the world.” And in fact, it does. At the event, Betty Dodson, known as the “masturbation grandmother,” gave a wonderful report on masturbation, entitled “Woman’s Sexual Revolution”; and Yale University sophomore David O’Leary was in An invitation letter was found in his inbox inviting him to a “porn party”, and the famous porn star Devin Lane also attended. During the activity, students also started a discussion entitled “101 Sex Toys“, and Professor Naomi Rogers of Yale also gave a lecture entitled “The History of Sex Massager”.

The organizer of this event is Yale University fourth-grader Eric Rubenstein. He stated that the purpose of organizing this sex week event is to provide everyone with an opportunity to discuss love, intimacy and romance in public. This event was selected on Valentine’s Day, and the purpose is also to give those lonely people who have no lover on Valentine’s Day a holiday pastime.

In fact, this is not much worse than a week-long indulgence.