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Sex Doll Celine

Sweet, soft and voluptuous is this blonde French girl from the valley of River Marne – where champagne comes from. The high-latitude terroir (soil) doesn’t just raise grapes for the most expensive sparkling wines in the world; it also rears amazing examples of French beauties like Celine, who rival the local champagne in fizz and bubbliness. Nineteen-year-old Celine grew up in a vineyard, and her discerning palate in wine is only rivaled by her refined taste in men.

Blessed with a voluptuous body with full thighs, luscious breasts and a pussy as ripe as a pinot noir champagne grape, this girl is definitely ready for picking…

Sexuellement excité, anybody?

sex doll

sex doll

This restaurant in Thailand gives condoms for dinner!

There are many themed restaurants. If I tell you that there is a condom-themed restaurant, would you find it incredible?
A while ago, my friend went to Bangkok, Thailand, and shared her super “sensational” dining experience there. Having said that, is there a scene in your mind that is feasting and drunk…

As soon as you enter the door, you can see such a roll-up banner with various sets of pictures collected from all over the world. It is really amazing. The world is so big, is it really a restaurant? Or is it just an adult shop under the banner of a restaurant?

On both sides of the promenade, as the name of the shop, cabbage is grown, so where are the condoms? It’s just above your head. The lamps decorated like flowers are precisely assembled with condoms. This kind of artistic performance is probably never thought of!

There are shops on both sides of the entrance of the restaurant. The products are all themed with condoms, such as drinking glasses, key tags, backpacks, clothing, and ties, all of which are dazzling and amazing. Even the flowers and plants decorating the storefront, if you do not observe carefully, it is difficult to find that they are made of condoms. I have to feel the creative thinking of Thai people.

Going further, there must be a combination of multiple simple figures lined up above a picture. There are men and women, men and women, and women and women. I believe you will be able to understand!
However, the most prominent of this picture is “SAFETY FIRST”, which also indicates which poses can be performed, which is dangerous, and which must use condoms.

There are still sets of English words on the plates and cups in the restaurant.

sex doll

sex doll

In order to become your girl, do you know how hard she works?

If the sex of a man is like fire, it is very easy to ignite; if the sex of a woman is like water, it takes longer to boil. That is why it is difficult for women to orgasm!

In the matter of men and women getting orgasms, there has always been an indisputable fact: it is difficult for women to get orgasms.

The reason has always been difficult to explain, but with this appropriate analogy, you can understand both in an instant.

As the old saying goes, fire and water cannot be tolerated, and the blame is on men and women, that is, a sex is as fierce as fire, and the “sex” is rushing; a gentle, slow-hot, affectionate. Only when the two people have a certain understanding and have solved more of each other’s needs, can they be more harmonious together.

Heart in Fire and Water Isolated on Black Background. Computer Graphics.

Fire is easy to be ignited, and it will soon go out, just like a man’s “want”, it is easy to be ignited, and it fades quickly. But once it is ignited, it can burst in an instant, just like enjoying the pleasure and stimulation of orgasm at the moment of ejaculation, simple, direct and short-lived.

Their “want” is always opened one step earlier than the heart, awakening the sense through the body, starting from the bottom and burning up. I also applied for the sentence: A man speaks by his lower body.

Comparing a woman’s sex to water is very transparent~

Think about it, if you want to boil the water for a long time, once it is boiled, it takes a long time to cool down. Returning to sex means that it takes a long time for a woman to be excited, but once she is Aroused, it will last for a while before cooling down, so a woman’s orgasm will be longer.

A woman needs to open her heart before she can open her “want”. If the door of the heart cannot be opened, it is difficult for a woman to open the door of “want”. “Want” is also like water, flowing down from the heart, continuously…

If you want to be “compatible with fire and water,” men and women need to spend more time and energy in foreplay. During this period, men need to make women more immersed and feel better; women need to make men a raging fire, which burns to the heart, in order to be better involved.

It is easy to burn a fire, but difficult to boil water. Should women wait for a man to cook slowly?

Foreplay is the interaction of two people, not the obligation of a man alone. If a woman wants to have a pleasant sexual experience, she can also be the protagonist in this game.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, if you don’t know how to play foreplay, you can try to buy sex dolls. Now there are not only female sex dolls but also male sex dolls

sex doll

How to store the doll?

  • TPE is a relatively soft material, so when you are not using the doll, please make sure that the doll is placed in a separate space to ensure that the doll is not squeezed by external forces. Long-term exposure to pressure may cause the body of the sex doll Deformation, it may be irrecoverable, and even there is a danger of tearing.
  • Keep away from sharp objects. TPE is very soft and sharp objects can easily damage them and cut their skin.
  • Avoid dirct sunlight to prevent aging of TPE materials. This will not only reduce the life span of the doll, but also reduce the quality of the doll. When not in use, it is best to keep it in a cool place without strong smell. At the same time, pay attention to keep it away from moisture and keep it dry to prevent bacteria from breeding.
  • Ensure the quality of doll clothes. TPE is a porous material, darker colors or patterns may stain your doll. Therefore, the basic premise for making dolls attractive is to ensure that the clothes are of high quality and will not fade. In addition, do not use ink-printed items such as newspapers and cardboard boxes to wrap the sex doll. It is recommended to use bubble film and other materials.
sex doll

Australian man who bought a doll from China was investigated at customs, suspected of sex crime

Recently, such a farce happened to a man named Steven wood in Melbourne. The Australian Customs found a mysterious package and took him directly to court, resulting in a jail sentence.
Melbourne Customs intercepted a package from China. When inspected by the customs, the relevant personnel found that the package contained a sex doll made of silicone.

Afterwards, customs officers took a look at the package and found that the “sex toy” was still a child.

According to Australian law, no one is allowed to touch any child pornography in Australia.

After the customs found this unusual package, they immediately called the police and quickly found Steven Wood, but Steven Wood argued that the toy was bought for his relatives, but later changed his words and said it was a birthday present for his colleagues.

Under police questioning, he finally admitted that he bought it for himself, but he explained that he didn’t know that the toy was in the form of a child before.

During the interrogation, he revealed that he rarely went out and did not interact with women. He only felt bored while watching movies at home and wanted to buy a toy online.

In the end, the judge sentenced him to 15 months of community service and added Steven to the Victorian sex crime blacklist.

sex doll

Industry history you don’t know

Past life-“inflatable doll”

Speaking of physical dolls, we have to say its predecessor-inflatable doll. There are different opinions on the origin of inflatable dolls. At present, the more mainstream theory was born with World War II (1939). You must know that wars are mostly men’s affairs, and such a group of young and strong guys can’t hold themselves. For this reason, Germany The head of state specially ordered the development of dolls that are similar to women’s physiological structure, on the one hand to solve the needs of soldiers, on the other hand to prevent the spread of venereal diseases.

Germany has been selling similar dolls since the 1950s, but it is Japan that has really carried forward its commercialization. The main materials of the first-generation dolls are vinyl and rubber, and the body skin is relatively hard plastic. The overall shape is round and rough, which can only approximate the structure of the human body. It needs to be pumped up before use, and it is easy to cause cracking and air leakage after repeated use. The image is also difficult to say, and the user must have a strong imagination. In addition, the resulting material contains a large number of carcinogenic compounds, such as vinyl chloride, which are basically abandoned on the market.
In the late 1980s, latex dolls began to appear on the market, with more realistic hands, feet, eyes and slightly textured hair. Although they are still not so unreal in terms of touch and shape, they are at least somewhat human, and don’t worry. The problem of air leakage. By the early 1990s, modular dolls appeared. The limbs and torso were molded, and they had a certain ability to pose, but just like the models in clothing stores, the torso could not be bent.

This life-“Entity Doll”

In the late 1990s, benefiting from the development of medical materials and the progress of production technology, and the rising market space, more realistic physical dolls began to enter the market. Companies began to use medical soft silicone and PVC materials, and then later to medical TPE materials. In order to restore the physical dolls more realistically, real hair transplants and partial molds were used. The size of the dolls is about the size of a real person, no matter from intuitive experience In terms of physical touch, “they” are closer to real people, and can better show the beauty of the human body. At the same time, the built-in metal skeleton makes the joints of the solid doll more flexible, and can pose many movements and postures. The split structure also makes cleaning more convenient. Its function is not only limited to the application of inflatable dolls in adult products, but also extends to Fields such as doll props, camera models, and cosplay.
At present, the main sales markets and manufacturers of physical dolls on the market are mainly concentrated in Japan, Europe and the United States. Since the last century, the Chinese physical doll industry has mostly been the foundry of foreign doll companies. After OEM for other countries , Began to develop and produce its own dolls.

The price of sex dolls with better workmanship is generally more than 10,000 yuan, and the high price of brand blessing has discouraged many otaku.

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Food is also sexy!

It’s not reliable to use form to supplement form, so is it good to want “that”, the food is not helpful at all? NO~NO~NO~ In fact, those foods that make you “unstoppable” are in your life. They not only make you healthy, but also the sexiest natural “sexual stimulant.”

Today, I will introduce several common foods to you, and teach you to eat healthy and enjoy a good life.

01 Nuts

Almonds, cashews, walnuts

These nuts are rich in protein, vitamin B, E, fat and important minerals. These can promote the production of hormones and are very important for the health care of male and female sexual functions.

At the same time, nuts have very high nutritional value, which can strengthen the body and increase memory. Studies have also pointed out that the smell of almonds can arouse women’s desires, so you can also put on some almond-flavored perfume, but be aware that some nuts contain sugar, such as: Cashew nuts, hazelnuts, etc., so obese and diabetic patients must be careful to consume them.

02 Fruits

Apple, citrus, strawberry

These fruits contain folic acid, rich vitamins B, C, antioxidants, etc., which can promote the reproductive health of men and women and increase the survival rate of male children. Some fruits (such as plums) contain minerals to help the heart purify blood. Hematopoiesis, strengthening the liver and kidneys.

03 Spicy

Chili, garlic, onion

This kind of food contains allicin, allicin, etc., which can increase the high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood, and the special function of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol is to eliminate the deposits on the blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation, speed up the heartbeat, and improve The excitability of nerves brings the joy of natural pleasure and makes you more happy.
However, because it is also a stimulating food, you should not eat too much every day, otherwise it will stimulate the stomach.

04 Dessert

Chocolate, cheese, honey

Do you know why you send chocolates on Valentine’s Day? In fact, this is because chocolate contains phenethylamine. This chemical substance is the reason why people feel “warm” after falling in love. It makes people feel like calling.
And honey contains a sex-assisting substance-aspartic acid, which can increase male hormones (testosterone production) and enhance sexual performance. It is a good sex life “tonic”.

05 Seafood

Oysters, oysters, shrimps, seaweeds

This kind of food is very popular because it is rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, etc., which helps to balance the endocrine system. In particular, oysters contain a large amount of dopamine, which is the substance secreted during the nesting. It helps the production of sperm and also helps male reproductive health.
Although there are so many benefits, seafood contains extremely high cholesterol. Don’t overuse it for fun. On the contrary, it will damage your health. Stop it in moderation.

After reading these 5 categories, do you think why helpers are not too practical? This is the wonder of nature. Nothing can be too much. Only maintaining a balance, a balanced diet, and exercising, is the best way to sexual happiness.

sex doll

sex doll

Hey every day, from what side effects occur?

Feeling tired in class or work? In addition to factors such as abnormal work and rest, lack of sleep, too much stress, etc., beware of excessive DIY, which will aggravate your mental fatigue.

A young engineer shared his feelings with me not long ago. He said that after DIY, he often felt dizzy and weak the next day, and his body under the age of 30 looked like his 60s.

He said that he was under a lot of pressure at work and often worked overtime, and he didn’t have a lot of free time. In addition to playing games after getting home from get off work, for his leisure and entertainment, he also had two or three shots before taking a shower. Although there was no special feeling at the time, The next day you will feel deeply tired.

This situation is actually quite common among young men living in modern cities. With the rapid development of the Internet, A-films are available at your fingertips. They are faced with various erotic temptations every day and have high sexual desires. It is easy to cause excessive DIY if they are not paying attention.

It is important to know that according to the research and survey of North Sichuan Medical College, more than 769 (70.0%) of the 1,098 young men with DIY experience are excessive masturbation, which interferes with the normal study, life and growth of most adolescents, leading to physical and psychological problems. Therefore, it is particularly important to understand DIY knowledge.

If you want to know whether it is excessive, you must first understand DIY

The so-called DIY refers to relying on one’s own ability to solve sexual fullness, catharsis of sexual energy, meet one’s sexual requirements, and obtain pleasure and comfort from the sexual aspect. We explore our body through DIY, which is a very important part of everyone’s physical and mental health growth.

Statistics from the “Merck Handbook” show that 97% of men have done DIY. The “Kinsey Sexology Report” also pointed out that 92% of the total population had DIY that reached the tide of sex cake. These data are sufficient to show that DIY is an extremely common sexual behavior.

From a sociological point of view, DIY is the safest way to eliminate sexual stress. It does not involve emotional disputes, and it can also reduce some of the social problems caused by sexual crimes. Appropriate DIY will not only cause no harm to the body, it is more conducive to physical and mental health.

What is DIY excessive?

  1. Sexual response and whether physical fitness has changed

If DIY reaches orgasm or the time of ejaculation is significantly prolonged or the intensity of DIY stimulation increases, orgasm can only be reached, indicating that DIY has been excessive. After DIY, if there is body weight loss, general weakness, insomnia, dreams, lack of energy, inattention, and memory loss, it means that you are over DIY.

  1. Thought and frequency

Over-DIY men will have X impulses when they are not watching pornographic novels or movies and must DIY through masturbation. There are also some people who always have questions about X in their minds, even if they don’t masturbate, they will have their ideas. In addition, under normal circumstances, men have nocturnal emission 2 to 3 times a month, and they will be excreted every two weeks because of the stimulation of the filling of J fluid, which induces masturbation or dysphoria.

  1. Whether there is discomfort in the sex organs

Obvious numbness and dull pain in the sex organs of men after masturbation, or burning of the urethra or poor urination after masturbation, indicates that men have over masturbation.

Where is the danger of excessive DIY?

In many cases, DIY addicts will have a strong sense of anxiety and guilt afterwards, but they cannot restrain themselves. This kind of mental stress can damage the central nervous system, and it will cause malaise, neurasthenia, depression, insomnia and dreaminess for a long time.

Some people say that DIY can lead to impotence and loss of fertility, but it does not. However, excessive masturbation will develop the habit of releasing it as soon as possible, which may lead to the problem of early Xie, and it is also easy to hinder the development of the reproductive system and induce diseases such as prostatitis.

How to restrain excessive DIY?

Complete abstinence is not a good choice, but to correctly understand and treat DIY, first of all, in daily life, deliberately reduce viewing erotic books, cultivate hobbies, wear loose clothing to reduce friction, overcome mental pressure, and give yourself Set a small goal (with care not to retaliate compensation).

sex doll

sex doll

An interesting evolutionary history from wood to sex doll

Regarding sex dolls, there is an interesting history. Although physical dolls are now regarded as adult toys or simulated dolls, for a while they also have religious significance. The original dolls were made of wood and shaped like people. Hair was made of straw and string, and eyes were made of beads. Most of them were hand-sewn clothes and hand-painted bodies. With the development of technology and innovation capabilities, humans have created more styles of dolls. Around the 15th century, physical dolls were given the meaning of adult toys for the first time. Since then, the rise of physical dolls has been unstoppable.
This is due to Germany, because it introduced sex commercial dolls. The dolls made at that time were not as exquisite as they are today. Most of them were made of wood and wax. Most of the dolls’ dresses and character characteristics represented German women. The history of physical dolls is a long voyage, from rough wooden figures to very delicate dolls like Barbie nowadays.

In order to gain insight into the various dolls currently on the market, let us explore some popular doll styles.

The most traditional styles of dolls include handmade dolls made of wood and other materials. Interestingly, they are still very popular in the market and are also popular among doll collectors. Many mainstream brands on the market are foreign. The appearance and characteristics of these dolls vary from country to country. They look like reproductions of a specific country’s culture. Their appearance, including clothes and facial features, reveals the local traditions. culture.

In the doll industry, brand-name dolls like Barbie have gained great brand reputation and status. It originated early and does not have adult functions. It is a toy exclusively for children. Most of these types of dolls are made in different versions to suit different tastes and preferences. Just like you will see models of model Barbie, bride Barbie, etc., they are professionally produced based on famous celebrities or popular idols. These dolls regularly release different versions of dolls on the market, so they are also called cross-dressing (dress-up) dolls.

Later, thanks to the gradual maturity of the commercial market, there are now physical dolls made of silicone and dolls made of materials such as PVC skins, and they have adult functions. In fact, you can safely call them imitation dolls.

Today, with the increasing advancement of science and technology, sex dolls are gradually developing in the direction of intelligence. AI intelligent dialogue, voice learning, bionic limbs, etc. have been gradually applied to dolls abroad.

sex doll

The first time

For the first time, it is always so exciting and the heartbeat speeds up. Just thinking about it is enough to make people excited. But in many cases, the fantasy and reality are two different things.

I was looking forward to it, but then I realized how naive I was. The intoxicating pictures of birds in the “little movie” were all shattered, leaving a lot of doubts.
In the first time, many male students will feel more or less different from their own imaginations, some are gaps, and some feel different. This is because few people can get enough knowledge about sex.
Most of our love is obtained from the following places, family parents (conservative, blank, generally do not go in depth, even enlightened parents rarely share details with their children), school (as conservative, even Avoidance), friends (one source of information, but there is no guarantee of knowing a lot or being correct), the media (there are too many sources of information, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed).

Therefore, sex education is really extremely important, not only sex knowledge, but also sexual attitudes. It’s a bit of a long way to go. Let’s come back and talk about the phenomenon of the above-mentioned belching, which does not become hard or softens quickly. How can we improve and solve it?

  1. Emotions will affect Tintin’s state:

The two most important factors affecting hardness are tension and excitement. At the same time, these two moods will make the heart beat faster, the nerves will tighten, and even cause erections, so you must do a good job of mental construction before sex and keep your mood relaxed.

  1. Foreplay is really indispensable:

When many people have sex, this stage is omitted or the time is too short, causing the woman’s lack of sexual excitement, insufficient lubrication, and pain. In severe cases, it will cause fear of sexual intercourse, and many women suffer from this.
At the same time, foreplay is also helpful for first-time men. It can calm down the tension and excitement during this period of time, so that the body and mind can be engaged in sex.

  1. Understand the physiological mechanism:

Boys and girls have different times. Men start quickly and end easily; women start slow, so foreplay is very important. If not so much, it is the end of the boys and the girls have not started much.
Fourth, enjoy imperfect perfection:

A sex session will definitely not be perfect. There are many factors influencing sex, such as skills, physical strength, health, emotions, etc., and these need to be practiced and maintained to maintain their state. Even “small movies” actors need to stop and replenish energy. It.
Therefore, if the ai does not go well or does not meet your expectations, don’t be discouraged, accept what has happened, tolerate, encourage, hug, and comfort each other, which will make the love warmer, the relationship closer, and make the next ai better .

If you want to know how to have sexual intercourse that is both exciting and attractive, you can choose to buy a sex doll and start trying, how to arouse a woman’s orgasm, etc.

sex doll

7 hot female fantasies: 3P, role-playing…

A friend once said:

“I often imagined and dreamed that when I was on a bus, I suddenly passed through, and then I would be stuck on a jelly-like wall, and then a lot of tentacles appeared, which made me feel sticky, nauseous, and sexually excited. Stimulating. The first time I came up with this idea, I was frightened, but then I couldn’t help thinking about it, but I dared to be scared, afraid that I would accidentally say a dream and let others know about it.”

Some people may not understand, and some people will also say that they have similar fantasies. In fact, don’t be anxious about fantasies, which are just part of human physiological needs! From the perspective of not affecting normal life, fantasies are not only harmless, but also add to life!

So do you know what female fantasies are? Let’s listen to what the fantasy of 7 women are like today!


“My most fantasies should be 3P. Generally, there are two women and one man. Three people lie in a triangle and give each other a mouthful, or two give me oral service.”

  1. Torture

“I often imagine myself being tied up by my partner and mastered by the cake nest. After the roles are exchanged, he is tied up, and I will control him again. Sometimes I watch movies or novels, and when I encounter arrested scenes, I will do it. Extend the association.”

  1. Teacher-student love

“The teacher-student love is not because the person I like is a teacher, but I especially hope that my partner will act as a teacher or a student, and then love and love in the classroom. I must imagine that I am wearing school uniforms and I can see through the window. Classmates playing in the playground.”

  1. Seduction

“My fantasies are a bit immoral. I often think about binding the women of a couple and then seduce her boyfriend by hand or mouth, so that he can’t control himself and abandon his girlfriend before strong desires. Surrender to me afterwards.”

  1. Fun games

“I’m a kind of fantasy that is particularly open. Sex games and exposure of love are all right, but if it is in real life, I can’t do it at all. I think fantasy is fantasy. It is not fantasy that enters reality and will get more. Happy.”

  1. Strangers

“Maybe I am a person with a lot of “experience”. I often watch some books and movies. I get a lot of inspiration from them. I have a lot of fantasy. The scenes include palaces, altars, TV towers, different spaces, and rockets. …And each time I am a different stranger, sometimes a star, sometimes a fictional character.

I have a boyfriend, but I think fantasy is not cheating, but a kind of comfort, and I like this feeling of taboo. “

  1. Specific time

“My fantasy came into reality, but it still didn’t give me the joy of fantasy.

I started with the concept of sex in adolescence. I didn’t know why. I had different feelings for sunrise and sunset. In my fantasy, it would appear no matter where and who I was. Later, I tried it a few times in love. Auxiliary fun, but there is no happiness in fantasy. “

Many psychologists and sex masters agree that: sexual fantasies can not only reveal our mental health, but also help couples cultivate better sexual harmony, and even deepen the relationship between marriage and love.

Imagination is one of the abilities that mankind is proud of. It can lead us to better places than now.

After reading these fantasies, I wonder if you have had similar ones? What “interesting” sexual fantasies have you had?

If you have a strong libido and live alone, here is a sexrealdoll for you: sex doll